Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lawyers Seek $12.4 Million in Fees, Expenses

By Walter F. Roche Jr.

A team of lawyers that litigated and negotiated for a multimillion settlement in the wake of a deadly fungal meningitis are asking a federal judge to approve nearly $12.5 million in fees and expenses or 8 percent of the total recovery.
In a massive filing today in U.S. District Court in Boston, Mass., the panel of lawyers said the fees were justified and that all parties would be receiving less than they originally sought.
Calling the results of their efforts "quite extraordinary," the filing by lead attorney Thomas Sobol recounted the long history of the outbreak beginning with the discovery in the Fall of 2012 that a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak was spreading across the country.
The fees, if approved, will come out of a national recovery fund now estimated at $130.1 million, but could grow to an estimated $157.35 million.
The fees sought in the petition are intended for services that benefited all those seeking claims and is called a "common benefit fund." The fees are in addition to fees victims will be obligated to pay their individual attorneys.
According to the filings fees paid to individual lawyers under the proposal range from $275 to $550 an hour. The largest single allocation, $2.6 million in fees and expenses would go to Sobol's firm, Hagens,Berman Sobol and Shapiro
Sobol noted in the filing that it is not expected that any of the fees will be approved until near the end of the calendar year and after victims of the outbreak receive their initial payments from the national settlement fund.
Checks for individual claims have now begun to trickle in to lawyers across the country. Nashville attorney William Leader said today  his firm has now received the first check for one of its clients.
Sobol noted that an 8 percent fee already had won initial approval from U.S. District Judge Rya Zobel who has been presiding over 379 of cases stemming from the outbreak blamed on fungus laden steroids shipped from the now defunct New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Mass.
"All counsel are receiving less than their reported or allocated lodestar," the petition states, noting that original fee requests totaled $14.7 million, rather than the $12.4 million being submitted for approval.
Acknowledging that the total fund was "Insufficient to fully compensate claimants given the enormity of the wrongs committed here," Sobol acknowledged that some firms "may not be happy with our suggestions. These are compromises."
"If there is dissent it will be only by  a few firms," Sobol wrote.
Objections must be filed by Oct. 24.
According to the filing the major allocations for fees and expenses will go to the following law firms:

Hagens Berman Sobol and Shapiro 8,645 hours $2,610,662
Branstetters Stranch and Jennings 3,899 hours $1,509,843
Crandall and Katt 1,760 hours $898,997
Janet Jenner and Suggs $1,075,737
Lief Cabraser Heiman and Bernstein $1,023,554
Lipton Law $534,602
Orlando Firm LLC $572,557
Andrews and Thornton $474,051
Cohen Placitella and Roth $417,883
Ellis and Rapacki $1,608,813
Collins Gilbert Wright and Carter $153,855
Leader, Bulso and Norton $221,073
Kinnard Clayton $81,506
Miller Law Firm $646,299
Riley Williams and Piatt $121,186
Saltz Mongeluzzi $113,283
Sommers Schwartz $125,365


  1. The Attorney's,just as I throught are the big winners while we the victims continue to loose and suffer!!!!

  2. This above all is the only issue, I think I understand. Speaking for myself, I would rather my personal attorney receive a nominal fee, an example ,say personal legal counsel is asking for 35% it seems reasonable, to me that there effort should earn them 5%, and the remaining 30% should go to the legal groups listed above. The fees collected by CMS should be contributed to the main attorneys, pool of funds. The judge could reduce the 35% and CMS deductions as seen fit.
    I don't know what proportions would be the best, but I do know, the personal attorneys, for the people I talked with, none can understand how there consul, or what they did to earn there fees. Individual consul, is earning how much per hour for ? ( filling out forms, in correct color )
    The groups listed above did a put effort in our part, and thank you all.
    The new laws, seem to have as much effect as the 2012 laws.maybe it's time to look at yourselves, and take responsibility, you did pass the new laws !
    Again thank you

  3. It would have helped if when the lawsuits, where converted, into this tort thing, everyone should have been advised, that at that point you didn't need a personal attorney.
    No that would have been helpful, instead of costing the disabled

  4. I was the first victim in Michigan to file a law suit. My attorney is listed above and was always available ANY time I needed him. He was also on the PSC so he earned his paycheck. Do I wish I didn't have to pay an attorney? Of course I do but given my state of mind since my illness, with all the medication I've been on, I'm glad I had someone with a clear mind handling this case for me.