Monday, July 11, 2016

Link to Info on Massachusetts Crime Victims Compensation Program

Officials of the U.S. Department of Justice say that payments to victims of the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak will be made under Massachusetts Crime Victims Compensation Program.
Here is a link to the site for that program which includes links for an application form and other needed information.
According to federal officials the maximum amount of compensation under Massachusetts law is $50,000 but most will probably get less than that based on the severity of their illness. Exact guidelines have not been announced.


  1. Walter, I appreciate all the hard work you have done for the victims of fungal meningitis outbreak of 2012. I know it must be a great deal of work following up on so much info and reporting it on your blog. You are appreciated greatly. Thank you

  2. I also Thank you! I learn more from your blog than from my Attorney.

  3. I agree, and also find that, with this information I am also more informed the the legal experts, I hired. (mistake on my part)
    With the above procedure explained, and the way things have gone, this should only take about 5 years, if lucky manage, make decisions, and then send out the remains. Maybe the next presidential election in 2020 !! Thank you for the efforts, and to all the individuals poisoned, I wish you all a moment of piece in your life !