Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cadden Freed from Home Detention

By Walter F. Roche Jr.

Over the strong objections of victims of a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak, a federal magistrate has released from home detention a Massachusetts man charged with 25 counts of second degree murder.
In a four page order dated Friday, Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boal granted Barry Cadden's motion to be freed from home detention.
"Cadden is entitled to a presumption of innocence," Boal wrote.
"The court finds that a curfew with location monitoring in combination with other conditions of release reasonably assure the appearance of the defendant," she added.
Her decision comes despite strong objections from federal prosecutors and victims of the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak that sickened 778 people killing 77 of them.
The order allows Cadden to leave his Wrentham, Mass. home from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Cadden was one of 14 owners and employees of the New England Compounding Center the company blamed for the outbreak. NECC shipped thousands of vials of fungus laden spinal steroids to health care providers in more than 20 states.
In her ruling Boal said Cadden "has strong family and community ties."
"The court recognizes the seriousness of the alleged offenses and the great harm the victims have suffered. However, at this stage of the proceedings Cadden is entitled to a presumption of innocence," Boal wrote.
Cadden is scheduled to go on trial on Jan. 5, 2017. In requesting the reduced restrictions, Cadden cited family duties and the need to confer on short notice with his legal team.


  1. He will never be seen again. 😡😡😓😓

  2. There are still victims.....who can't leave their home!

    1. Everything in consideration of the accused; nothing for the victims.

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  4. Shame on the judge..Absolutely wrong!

  5. My Go's the guy obsconded with money while people were dying. .how can there possibly be percentage of innocents? ?

  6. There are no words that can cover the emotional toll and financial toll this has taken on the victims of this government sanctioned murder and maiming of human beings through ESI (contaiminated or not). We will not be compensated while Barry Cadden flees to a non extradition country and then sends for his wife and children to live off of the bounty that the US covernment (yeah not misspelled) has allowed them to keep "hidden". NO way can the victims be treated fairly or humanely by the government of the United States of the America's because the government will NEVER take responsibility for their actions in this horrendous mass act of domestic terrorism and murder they allowed to happen. Worst medical atrocity in American history and hardly one person on the street even knows it happened. Way to go USA.