Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Notice at NECCSettlement.com

CLAIMS STATUS UPDATE (01/20/2016): Beginning this week, approximately 1350 determination letters will be sent out to Claimants (and their attorneys, if represented) granting approval of their claims in full. These determination letters will inform Claimants of the amount of the Points which have been allowed on their claims and the amount of the Initial Payments which will be made on their claims. It is expected that Claimants will receive a second payment after all claims are processed and any appeals from the Settlement Administrators’ final determinations have been resolved.
We do not yet know the timing of these Initial Payments as many claimants’ medical bills were paid by Medicare or private health insurance and these liens need to be resolved. For several months, the Plaintiffs Steering Committee has been in discussions with Medicare to resolve, on a global basis, all potential Medicare liens. Such a resolution would obviate the need to adhere to the Medicare reporting requirements for personal injury settlements and shorten the delay in making payments on approved claims. To date, no resolution has been achieved with Medicare. If no resolution is reached with Medicare, the Initial Payments will be delayed while Medicare reporting requirements are fulfilled and any resulting lien amounts are resolved on an individual basis. In the absence of a Medicare lien, there may also be a delay in making payments if there are private insurers that have asserted liens. If liens are required to be resolved on an individual basis, we will so notify claimants (and their counsel, if they are represented) and provide them with the name and contact information of a private lien resolution service who will work to resolve the lien(s), if the claimant so chooses.


  1. I had a Medicare supplement insurance policy, so this does NOT sound good for me. I am upset because I did NOT pay for a reimbursement policy!!

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